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Remove furniture to donate in Falls Church VA

Things that sound simple can become complicated, and take a lot of time! Like donating your old furniture. Recently a friend loaded up his minivan with donations, and drove across town to the donation warehouse. They rejected his donation! He also went to a well known major charity site, and they turned down his donation too.

Relieve yourself of that aggravation. Turn your unwanted furniture over to Mack Hauling and they will make sure it goes to a good home. Mack Hauling will come to your home, lift and carry the furniture to their truck or dumpster, and take it away. It keeps your life simple.

Alexandria VA junk removal

Alexandria, Virginia Junk Removal by Mack Hauling, with up-front pricing, and certified employees. We have many happy clients in Alexandria including in Rosement, Del Ray, Beverly Hills, and Old Town Alexandria.

Garage cleanout in McLean VA


A homeowner in McLean, Virginia needed his garage cleaned out. Lickety split and his garage is now ready and roomy for his cars. Or for his kid’s toys… Or for his do-it-yourself canoe building project… Or as a staging area and potting room for spring gardening…
Oh well, you get the idea!

Spring Cleaning?

There is a rule of thumb that says “If you haven’t use it once in the last year, get rid of it…..”
OK, it’s easier said then done. But maybe it’s worthwhile to walk around your house, and your yard, and your garage, and make a list of everything you see that you haven’t touched in a year.

If it gets hauled away, will you miss it? Or will it make you feel good that it’s probably been donated or recycled.

We haul away for disposal, donation and recycling. Lots of people in Fairfax County have filing cabinets, old office chairs, and equipment like fax machines they no longer use.

Cleaning up a Hoarding Situation

Cleaning up from a hoarding situation is a delicate job. Everyone involves needs to make sure they dont dispose of valuables that may be hidden among trash. Or, there may be sentimental family items that should be separated from the material that is going to the dump. Mack Hauling is experienced in this area, and will use the greatest sensitivity in assisting with this type of cleanout.


Debris Removal Clean Up


Making a new remodeling project is worth it; you’re not just adding value to your home but also comfort. However, after all the renovations don’t fear the debris; if you don’t know how to get rid of it, just enjoy your new project and let us help you with the debris. We’ll get rid of everything that bothers you. We work hard to provide you the comfort and satisfaction that you deserve. Same day appointments available as well as free estimates. We specialize in residential and commercial services through the DMV Area. We do the hauling, loading, and proper disposal after any project completion.

Make Your Backyard Awesome This SUMMER!


Getting ready for summer? Refresh your outdoor removing old sheds and storages. Are you looking to replace it? Or have more space? Whatever reason you have, Mack Hauling Services will take care of it. Our professional team will not only break it down; we also remove all the debris from your property. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. For more information visit our website at or call us at (703)717-3015 for a FREE ESTIMATE, and Don’t Forget to Make Your Backyard Awesome This SUMMER!



START FRESH this spring. Clean your clutter. You just can’t keep piling old stuff in your entire house. Discard everything you don’t need anymore. Keeping unused items in closets, attics, basement, garage, or even shed storage could be a disaster. Spring is for cleaning; dispose all old clothes, get rid of all unwanted items, broken furnitures, old mattresses, smelly carpet, old appliances, construction & yard debris, and junk removal in general. Give your home a fresh beginning, make your house more enjoyable for spring visitors. Clear the trash and clutter, you’ll be amazed as to how much space you’ll have and how less clutter could change your life. Your house will look clean, safe, and healthier for you and your loved ones. Spring is a great time to do cleaning because we’re full of energy; reflect your energy levels and declutter your home this SPRING. Either if you desire to make a house makeup, organize your home, renovate or renewal; it’s all about making space, cleaning out things and detox your space. Mack Hauling Services provide all the services to help you with your new project and take away all the clutter. For more information visit us in our website or give us a call at (703)717-3015 for a FREE estimate. Enjoy SPRING!

Deck Demolition in the Fairfax Area

Deck Demolition in Fairfax County

Deck Demolition in Fairfax: Winter is Coming

If your deck shows signs of extreme wear and tear, it may be time to rip the whole thing out and start from scratch. Not only is a worn-out deck aesthetically displeasing, but extensive damage can also be a huge safety hazard. Unstable decks can be very dangerous to both children and adults. As summer comes to a close, there is no better time to demolish your deck than now. The colder it gets, the more dangerous your rotting deck becomes, so knocking it down as soon as possible is the best option.

If the damage is localized, then a simple repair will usually do the trick. Structural damage, however, usually means replacement. Common signs that your deck is irreparable include:

  • Rotting joists
  • Bad beams
  • Soft deck boards
  • Rotting ledger boards
  • Weak or loose railing posts
  • Rot is visible around the outer edges of deck frame

While self-diagnosis sometimes is accurate, the best way to tell if your deck needs demolition is to have a professional come and assess the structure. Our demolition professionals know exactly what to look for when evaluating your deck.

Mack Hauling can demolish and remove your structure at a price much lower than most contractors. Contact us today for a free estimate and evaluation. Once we complete our assessment and develop our plan of action, we will demolish the unstable structure piece by piece in order to ensure safe removal. After we finish demolition, we will haul all of the debris from the site and leave the area spotless.