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Cleanup After a Hoarding Situation in Fairfax, VA

“We had a hoarding situation that needed attention and Mack Hauling took multiple loads of items to the recycling and disposal facility in one afternoon. The team who we worked with was patient and considerate. Thank you for making this difficult situation much easier to handle. We would definitely use them again!”
– S.M in Fairfax, VA

Have a severe hoarding or clutter situation in a family member or loved one’s home? Mack Hauling is committed to delivering cleanup with compassion! Contact us at (703) 717-3015.

Full Service Junk Removal for Residential and Business Owners

Mack Hauling is a full service junk removal company serving residential and business owners throughout Northern Virginia and the entire DC Metro area. We will deliver services to anyone needing to get rid of large objects, decks, fences, clutter, trash, old hot tubs, or anything else. For a free estimate, call us at 703-717-3015 today!

Hassle-Free Estimates for Your Junk Removal in Arlington, VA

Mack Hauling is fully licensed, insured, bonded, and ready to deliver for your needed junk removal! We provide hassle-free estimates free of charge and once you choose us, our team will work efficiently and professionally for your junk removal or demolition project. To take care of the environment and local communities, we donate all usable items and recycle what we can. Contact us today at (703) 717-3015!

Household Debris and Trash Removal in Reston, VA

“I contacted Mack Hauling and they came out to the residence immediately to go over the scope of the work and the cost. On the day of the appointment for the work to be done, the crew was on time and completed everything professionally and courteously. It was a lot of household debris/trash and they took extra care during the process. I would definite use them again and highly recommend them!”
– A.G in Reston, VA

Have a lot of old items to get rid of from your home or business? Mack Hauling is ready for the job! Schedule your home or business clean out with us at (703) 717-3015 or email us here!

Scheduled Junk Removal and Pickup in Washington DC

“Mack Hauling and staff scheduled my pickup in a half-hour interval, emailed confirmation the day before, arrived right on time, and were professional and helpful. This is a well-run company with professional employees.”
– Deb C. in Washington DC

We love positive feedback from our returning customers! For your junk removal, home or office clean out, or light demolition, contact Mack Hauling at (703) 717-3015!

Full Service Junk Removal and More in Alexandria, VA

From junk pickup to demolitions, Mack Hauling offers a variety of services for your home or business in Alexandria, VA. Typical services include: full service junk removal, light demolition, deck and fence take down and removal, hoarding cleanup, carpet removal, bulk trash removal, home downsizing, office clean out and more! Our team is here to help you get your space back. Call us at 703-717-3015 or fill out our free quote form here:

From Entire Estate Clean Outs to Junk Removal, We Do It All!

From large objects, decks, fences, clutter, trash, old hot tubs, or anything else, we are ready to help you remove anything that is taking up valuable space in your Fairfax, VA home or business! Our pricing is transparent, and we will match any local written estimate. Looking for an entire estate clean out, from attic to basement? The professionals at Mack Hauling are ready to deliver! Call us at (703) 717-3015 or request a free quote here:

junk removal fairfax, va

Estate Clean Out, Demolition, or Junk Removal Service Needed in Alexandria, VA?

Preparing your Alexandria, VA home before your move and need an entire estate clean out? Mack Hauling offers a variety of junk removal services. We will safely and effectively provide furniture removal, demolitions, carpet removal, hoarding clean up, and more. We also will match any local written estimate! Give us a call today at (703) 717-3015!

Junk Removal and Demolition Needed in Springfield, VA?

Looking for professional, timely, and eco-friendly trash and rubbish removal in Springfield, VA? Mack Hauling is ready to help remove large objects, decks, fences, clutter or construction debris off of your property! Take back your space this upcoming Spring! We will price match any local written estimate, guaranteeing you a competitive rate for your junk removal service. Schedule our demolition and junk removal services at (703) 717-3015!

Removed Collected Items in Fairfax, VA Attic

“I used Mack Hauling for a second time. The team showed up at my residence on time and once again did a fantastic job! Courteous, polite, professional! They removed 25 years of junk that had collected in my attic after 4 children and 7 grandchildren! They were very hard workers and worked very rapidly and I was very impressed. What else can I say – they are awesome!”
– Anthony G. in Fairfax, VA

Have items taking up space in your attic, collected over many years? Or need a whole home clean out? Schedule your junk pickup and removal with Mack Hauling at (703) 717-3015!