Clutter Removal in Alexandria, VA

July 20, 2017

Has clutter taken over your whole house? We understand that hoarding is a delicate situation and will do all we can to manage the removal process in a stress-free environment.

We will sort through items, and donate gently-used items to local charities. We serve Alexandria, VA and other communities in the DC metro area.

Hauled Church Pew in Washington, DC

July 14, 2017

Mack Hauling is called to take away all types of items. Here you can see, we were hired to haul away a church pew from a location in Washington D.C.

Despite the fact that someone wanted to get rid of this pew, with recycling it will be welcomed by someone else to use.

Storage Unit Clean Up in Merrifield, VA

July 11, 2017

Need to empty out a storage unit filled with old furniture? Serving Merrifield, VA and your community, Mack Hauling gets the job done and will donate still-usable items to charities.

Who let the dogs out?

July 6, 2017

When that old fence starts to fall apart, you might let the dogs out! Mack Hauling will come in and remove that old fence and haul away all the parts and pieces from your Washington DC yard or other local area.

4th of July

June 30, 2017

Happy 4th of July from Mack Hauling. When you think ‘junk’, think Mack!

June 22, 2017

We were called into this Silver Spring, Maryland home to remove some unwanted furniture. These certainly are items that can be recycled to new owners, who will consider it treasure! We don’t want to fill up landfills with anything that can be put to good use. Many items that people want to discard can be put to new use by others. Today we are in a world where we carefully try to ‘re-purpose’ items rather then throw them away. So if you have some old stuff in Silver Spring, or anywhere nearby, we’ll do our best to find a new home for it. Certainly we will promptly remove it for you, and then Mack Hauling will take it from there!

Haul away old appliances from Crystal City

June 20, 2017

Old appliances can be heavy and take up lots of space. We haul them away for you. We can make them go “Bye-bye” and you will have space for a new friend, a new pet, a new plant, or maybe will just feel better about having a little more space to stretch out a little! This was a room full of old appliances in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia.

Georgetown, Washington D.C. junk removal

June 8, 2017

You can have us clear everything off your sidewalk, or ask us to empty a room. We do it all, from junk removal to hoarder cleanup to yard clearing of brush and stumps.

Remove furniture to donate in Falls Church VA

May 25, 2017

Things that sound simple can become complicated, and take a lot of time! Like donating your old furniture. Recently a friend loaded up his minivan with donations, and drove across town to the donation warehouse. They rejected his donation! He also went to a well known major charity site, and they turned down his donation too.

Relieve yourself of that aggravation. Turn your unwanted furniture over to Mack Hauling and they will make sure it goes to a good home. Mack Hauling will come to your home, lift and carry the furniture to their truck or dumpster, and take it away. It keeps your life simple.

Alexandria VA junk removal

May 17, 2017

Alexandria, Virginia Junk Removal by Mack Hauling, with up-front pricing, and certified employees. We have many happy clients in Alexandria including in Rosement, Del Ray, Beverly Hills, and Old Town Alexandria.