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Deck Demolition in the Fairfax Area

Deck Demolition in Fairfax County

Deck Demolition in Fairfax: Winter is Coming

If your deck shows signs of extreme wear and tear, it may be time to rip the whole thing out and start from scratch. Not only is a worn-out deck aesthetically displeasing, but extensive damage can also be a huge safety hazard. Unstable decks can be very dangerous to both children and adults. As summer comes to a close, there is no better time to demolish your deck than now. The colder it gets, the more dangerous your rotting deck becomes, so knocking it down as soon as possible is the best option.

If the damage is localized, then a simple repair will usually do the trick. Structural damage, however, usually means replacement. Common signs that your deck is irreparable include:

  • Rotting joists
  • Bad beams
  • Soft deck boards
  • Rotting ledger boards
  • Weak or loose railing posts
  • Rot is visible around the outer edges of deck frame

While self-diagnosis sometimes is accurate, the best way to tell if your deck needs demolition is to have a professional come and assess the structure. Our demolition professionals know exactly what to look for when evaluating your deck.

Mack Hauling can demolish and remove your structure at a price much lower than most contractors. Contact us today for a free estimate and evaluation. Once we complete our assessment and develop our plan of action, we will demolish the unstable structure piece by piece in order to ensure safe removal. After we finish demolition, we will haul all of the debris from the site and leave the area spotless.

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  1. I would agree that having a removal service to help you clean up after a demolition project, is a great idea. I am glad to know that hiring a junk removal service is actually cheaper then a contractor. Thank you for sharing these tips, I will save them for this summer when we remove our deck.