Did You Know We Also Pick Up Yard Debris?

February 26, 2018

Did you know that we also offer yard debris removal services? We recently hauled away residuals from a yard clean up in Georgetown, Washington D.C. If you recently had yard work done or tree branches/debris fallen from a storm – you can count on Mack Hauling to take it away for you!

Request for Pick Up of Old Items in Storage

February 23, 2018

“Can your team take away the following: tool box, artwork, old mattress, stool, and a storage bin? They are in a storage unit, gathered and ready to be picked up.” – Arlington, VA

Do you have items in storage that you’ve been planning to donate or take to a disposal facility, but haven’t had the time to? Let Mack Hauling take care of it! We’ll sort out the items for you and donate and/or recycle to the appropriate place.


Need Your Unwanted Items Picked Up? Depend on Us for Fast, Reliable Service!

February 19, 2018

“The service from the Mack Hauling team was very professional, fairly priced, and FAST! I called one afternoon, and everything was gone the next morning! Thank you!”
– Olivia from Washington, DC

Do you have your unwanted items out on the curb, ready for pick up? We’ll be there to take it to the appropriate disposal or recycling facility! We will also donate any items that are still in usable condition. Call Mack Hauling today for efficient, professional junk removal services!

We Will Manage Your Junk Removal and Clear Out Your Entire House!

February 16, 2018

Is your Falls Church, VA home filled with clutter? Old furniture, out-dated appliances, or a collection of things unused need to be removed, but you simply don’t have the time during the day to manage an entire house clean out? You don’t have to worry about it! Mack Hauling will come in and manage your junk removal – we’ll sort out the things you want cleared out and donate or recycle the appropriate items. Call us today!

Construction Garbage From a Condo Remodel in Arlington, VA

February 13, 2018

“I called Mack Hauling to remove construction garbage for a complete condo remodel. The guys were on time, friendly, clean, and very fast! And the price was great too! Definitely would hire them again and highly recommend.” – Arlington, VA

Need us to help with the clean up after a construction project? We’ll collect the construction material that you no longer want in the premises and take it to the appropriate facility for recycling or disposal. Call Mack Hauling today!

We’ll Manage Every Part of Your Junk Removal in Alexandria

February 9, 2018

“We have a dining table, coffee table, 2 tall bookshelves, 1 small bookshelf, and 2 folding card tables all collected underneath our car port. I’d like to know how much for pickup?” – Alexandria, VA

Have items that need to be removed, but don’t have the manpower or equipment to transport them for donation, recycling or disposal? We’ll do all lifting and transporting for you! Call Mack Hauling today to manage your junk removal – we’ll sort and donate any items still in usable condition.

Need Your the Dismantled Parts of Your Fence Disposed Of?

February 6, 2018

“We have 50 feet of a 6 foot tall wooden fence already taken down and in a pile on our backyard. We’d like for someone to come to pick all of it up. Thank you!” – Arlington, VA

Whether you’ve already broken down your fence or not, we will dispose of that fence that you don’t want around anymore! If your fence is still in tact and you’re in need of dismantling services, we can also manage that! Call Mack Hauling for any small demolitions or fence removal projects.

fence demolition arlington va

Efficient Collapsed Deck and Hot Tub Removal in Falls Church, VA

February 1, 2018

“They did a great job. We had a collapsed deck and hot tub to remove. Quick quote, short turn around to do the job. They were thorough and careful and fast – a pleasure. Will definitely hire them again.” – Falls Church, VA

If you need a deck or hot tub dismantled, removed and disposed of, you can depend on Mack Hauling to get the job done properly and efficiently! Call us today for an estimate!