Garage cleanout in McLean VA

April 24, 2017


A homeowner in McLean, Virginia needed his garage cleaned out. Lickety split and his garage is now ready and roomy for his cars. Or for his kid’s toys… Or for his do-it-yourself canoe building project… Or as a staging area and potting room for spring gardening…
Oh well, you get the idea!

Spring Cleaning?

April 12, 2017

There is a rule of thumb that says “If you haven’t use it once in the last year, get rid of it…..”
OK, it’s easier said then done. But maybe it’s worthwhile to walk around your house, and your yard, and your garage, and make a list of everything you see that you haven’t touched in a year.

If it gets hauled away, will you miss it? Or will it make you feel good that it’s probably been donated or recycled.

We haul away for disposal, donation and recycling. Lots of people in Fairfax County have filing cabinets, old office chairs, and equipment like fax machines they no longer use.

Cleaning up a Hoarding Situation

April 10, 2017

Cleaning up from a hoarding situation is a delicate job. Everyone involves needs to make sure they dont dispose of valuables that may be hidden among trash. Or, there may be sentimental family items that should be separated from the material that is going to the dump. Mack Hauling is experienced in this area, and will use the greatest sensitivity in assisting with this type of cleanout.